Geese and Swans

Canada Goose

To date, most of the birds I have listed one sees on land, but there are many birds on lakes and in the ocean. Probably one of the most common and vocal around this part of the world is the Canada Goose.  I find the sound of geese to be quite fascinating with the back and forth between geese creating complex sonic textures. Listen to some of the sounds here. If you are near the lagoon or lakes, listen for the tweeting of the goslings – so cute!

Sibelius Symphony No 5

The pieces you have listened to over the last few weeks are quite directly inspired by bird song. This week, let’s listen to a work inspired by a feeling more than a sound.

Sibelius was commissioned to write his 5th symphony in celebration of his 50th birthday – what a birthday present! The theme for the 5th symphony was inspired by swans. In his diary Sibelius noted, “Today I saw 16 swans. God, what beauty! They circled over me for a long time. Disappeared into the solar haze like a silver ribbon.” When you are listening, try to imagine which music was inspired by the swans. The final movement begins at 22:38

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