Old Wine in New Bottles – Tallis and Vaughan Williams

The listening theme for the month is old wine in new bottles. That is, music that is not only inspired by other music, but quotes, or otherwise uses and transforms other music to create something new. In many ways, this is what most music has been throughout history. In fact, I’m currently listening to a Renaissance Mass that uses a well known folk tune from the era as the main theme. Everything old is new again.  Continue reading Old Wine in New Bottles – Tallis and Vaughan Williams

Geese and Swans

Canada Goose

To date, most of the birds I have listed one sees on land, but there are many birds on lakes and in the ocean. Probably one of the most common and vocal around this part of the world is the Canada Goose.  I find the sound of geese to be quite fascinating with the back and forth between geese creating complex sonic textures. Listen to some of the sounds here. If you are near the lagoon or lakes, listen for the tweeting of the goslings – so cute! Continue reading Geese and Swans

Birds of Bowen

There are two birds I’d like you to listen for this week, one quite famous, and the other you may not have heard of.


The American Robin is not a robin at all. It was named by European settlers who thought it looked kind of, sort of, like the European red breasted Robin, except that the American Robin is a thrush, not related to the European Robin. The Robin’s beautiful song is a string of syllables that sound a little like cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheerily, cheer up. Listen to it here. Continue reading Birds of Bowen

Your Brain on Music

This video explains how playing and listening to music effects many areas of the brain. As they say in the video, playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full body work out. Add this to the many reasons to continue or start playing music. It’s certainly something you feel when you practice or perform. There is a kind of happy tiredness that I get after playing that is similar to a good hike or run.