Lessons at NovaMusic Studio

Piano Lessons

Christiaan Venter has taught this foundational instrument since 2003, and teaches all ages and most levels of experience. Parents of young students are strongly encouraged to participate, and Christiaan is pleased to now also offers family lessons, inspired by the ideas of Shinichi Suzuki and the value of a thriving musical community.  Read more about piano lessons.

Flute Lessons

Nova Pon has taught flute since 2001 and loves sharing this versatile and expressive instrument. Students of all levels and ages are welcome. For a barrier-free but skill-building introduction, students can even start by learning the very inexpensive Yamaha fife, which also allows children to begin at a very young age. Read more about flute lessons.

Clarinet Lessons

Clarinet students can be almost any age, from young children whose hands have grown large enough, to senior “young-at-heart” students. Since 2003, Christiaan Venter has enjoyed guiding students on their clarinet adventures.  Read more about clarinet lessons.

Music for Early Childhood

Certified in Level II Kodály pedagogy, both Nova and Christiaan are also inspired by Orff and Suzuki ideas for their early childhood musicianship classes. Read more here about classes are currently offered by Christiaan for age 3-5 through Bowen Island Community Recreation.  Additional classes and other age groups can be arranged by contacting us.

Group Classes

Along with the classes above, group classes can be arranged in any of the subjects listed here, for almost any age group and for mixed ages. Please contact us with your interests.

Theory and Musicianship and more

To nurture well-rounded musicians, Christiaan and Nova incorporate theory, musicianship, ear-training, improvisation, music history, and composition into most lessons on any instrument. Students can also take lessons or classes focused on these areas to further round out their skills, explore special interests, or pursue goals such as RCM exam preparation. Read more about theory , or  other types of lessons.


Both Nova and Christiaan are professional composers, with over 35 years combined experience composing for film and other media, as well as for orchestra, wind ensembles, choirs, and many types of smaller groupings of instruments and voices. They are always happy to draw on their experience, training, and broad musical interests to help coach the creativity of students of all backgrounds.

Exams and Recitals

We encourage and arrange optional opportunities for students to play and share music with others as one of the gifts of music making. We are experienced preparing students for exams such as Royal Conservatory, but this always optional, and our curriculum is based on the individual student and the goal of being well-rounded.

Adult Lessons

We believe the gifts of music can be achieved by anyone at any age, and adults bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and ability to enrich their learning. Read some of our testimonials from happy adult students.

Ensembles and Chamber Music

Some of the best music experiences are when making music together. We love to make music together with our students, and also encourage and facilitate duets, trios, chamber music and large ensemble playing between students, within families, and in the community. We are happy to draw on our conducting and directing experience to arrange and coach music ensembles; contact us to find out more.


Lessons can be at our home studio near the Collins Farm area on Bowen Island, or at student’s homes.

Rates and Scheduling

Please contact us for to find out more, and to arrange for a free consultation about your music lessons.  Beautiful music awaits!