Flute Lessons at NovaMusic Studio

Nova Pon‘s approach to teaching flute strives for a harmonious relationship between body, mind, and flute.  Whether a flutist is 5 or 85, total beginner or very experienced, growth always happens from focussing on simple, efficient, strain-free use of the instrument and of the approach to it. This leads to beautiful sound, effortless playing, and joyous music-making.  While these fundamentals are being patiently and engagingly explored, diverse musical skills are also developed, from sight-reading to improvisation ability, to rhythmic, ear-training, and theory skills, to listening approaches and historical contexts, and more, as part of NovaMusic Studio’s general philosophy of teaching music.  Guidance with musical repertoire, styles, and performance outlets are given according to student’s particular interests and goals, while cultivating the independence and devotion to sustain lifelong musical pursuits.

Perhaps it is no stretch to say that the flute is humanity’s musical instrument.  The oldest known prehistoric instruments include flutes, and every culture seems to use some sort of flute.  The clear, supple, sound of the flute is said to be similar to the human voice. The basic design of the flute is so simple that you can make one yourself out of almost any material, and yet still produce very expressive and complex music.  Today, the Western concert flute is one of the most versatile instruments, stylistically and technically capable of playing almost anything.  If the flute has piqued your interest, you have excellent taste!

Nova Pon, Flute Teacher Nova Pon, Vancouver Flute Teacher

When she was a young child, Nova fell in love with the flute.  To her, it was the sound of a free-spirited, wayfaring, bird-like song combined with a bright silver edginess that flashes through the music like a glinting sword.  Her love affair with the flute has continued for over 20 years and grew into a passion for sharing the experience with students.  You can read more about Nova at the Music Teachers page.