Piano Lessons at NovaMusic Studio

Do-Re-Mi-for-Kids-Piano-LessonDuring piano lessons, NovaMusic Studio students will explore all aspects of music, from the technical to the creative. Each week, Christiaan takes the student on a musical journey designed to expand the student’s love and appreciation of music, as well as learn the fundamentals of piano playing. Students study techniques of piano playing, basics of reading music, expressive qualities of music, improvising, composition, theory and more. Parents of young students are strongly encouraged to participate, and Christiaan is pleased to now also offers family lessons, inspired by the ideas of Shinichi Suzuki and the value of a thriving musical community.  Please visit the music teaching philosophy page to find out more about why and how Christiaan teaches.

Of all the common traditional instruments, the piano is probably the newest.  In fact, it wasn’t until the late 19th century that the modern piano really came into its own. Despite its relative young age, the piano has thousands of beautiful compositions written for it. Its elegant simplicity and versatility makes it an ideal instrument for beginners and virtuosi alike.  The logical and visual layout of the keyboard, the ease of producing tone, and the whole world of sonorities are all fantastic reasons to begin piano lessons.

Christiaan Venter, piano teacher

Bowen Island piano teacher Christiaan Venter has been playing piano since he was six years old. He holdsdegree in music composition from the University of Calgary and University of British Columbia, and has taught many students piano lessons over several years, from ages five to eighty.