Theory Lessons at NovaMusic Studio

At NovaMusic Studio, Christiaan Venter and Nova Pon teach music theory lessons informed by their unique perspective as composers. Loving the best in all types of music, and driven by curiosity, their lives revolve around finding out what makes good music tick, and how to put those principles into practice. Find out more about Christiaan and Nova at the Music Teachers Page, and their composer websites, and

Music Theory

Music Theory Lessons in East Vancouver

Beauty arises from patterns in nature and music….

Since at least the times of Ancient Greece, the connections between sound, mathematics, music, and emotion have been emphasized. From the science of sound to the psychology of appreciating beauty, logical patterns and principles are central to the art of music. At NovaMusic Studio, music “theory” is not dry, dull, abstractly floating stuff, but an exciting web of ideas at the heart of the most beautiful and compelling music.

Whether a student is learning the music theory behind their flute, clarinet, or piano music, preparing for a theory or harmony exam, or just enriching their musical background, NovaMusic theory lessons focus on understanding the logical connections between simple principles, and putting them to use in creative, practical, enjoyable music-making. Diverse approaches help suit all learning styles, often incorporating visualizations, proven memory strategies, and applications in listening, improvising, composing, and instrumental playing.  Read more about NovaMusic’s philosophy on teaching music, or  for more information or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us.