Other Music Lessons at NovaMusic Studio

Lessons in music history, composition, musicianship, chamber music?

To the music teachers of NovaMusic, who are also composers, performers, and musical thinkers, all musical activities are related. Their philosophy of teaching music includes striving for the practical and integrated use of all musical knowledge as a valuable part of life. Where ever possible, they blend the following musical pursuits right into flute, clarinet, piano, and theory lessons, because the combined learning produces better musicians. However, for those who want even more focus, lessons and programs can be customized around:

  • composition
  • improvisation
  • musicianship
  • ear training
  • music history and historical context
  • music technology
  • guided listening and musical understanding
  • general keyboard skills
  • performance, exam, and audition coaching
  • ensemble coaching and directing– from duets and small chamber ensembles and beyond
  • group and family lessons, clinics, and workshops

Invent your own music lessons on Bowen Island!

Even beyond this, Nova Pon and Christiaan Venter are versatile and adventurous teachers of music in the broadest sense, always welcoming new challenges, and able to consider offering customized musical guidance towards any kind of goal you may have. Please go to the Contact Page to talk them about the many possibilities.