Our Philosophy of Teaching

We aim to teach, share, cultivate, guide:

  •  the joy of music, and the love of music-making, as spiritual fuel, as uplifting art, as creative challenge, as healthy activity, as recreation, as fun


  • respecting the individual backgrounds and goals of each student, drawing out independence and self-motivation
  • and building strong foundations, step-by-step, using self and time well to make the journey its own reward


  • a well-rounded musical life that integrates performance, invention, listening, and understanding, unifies literacy and creativity, and connects all musical experiences with each other and with life
  • for sustainable, lifelong music-making, always rewarding and always growing, with or without a teacher


  • enriching a musical “ecosystem”— a flourishing community in which everyone can learn, share,  interact, create, enjoy, and grow deeper into this matchless art form, beyond the bounds of generations, specializations, or  “amateur” or “professional” labels